About this blog

All these books are part of my bookshelves, or once were part of it. The written reviews and synopses are very much my personal point of view for future reference, reminders about my readings because I don’t have time to re-read each of them.

This blog serves me as a database, a place to share my books and a link to tie me with other blogs.

You are welcome to browse around, to drop some lines, or to comment on the posts. It’s a great honour if this blog can be any use for anyone who stops by.

Please use polite and easy-to-read wordings for comments.

I believe whatever books you like should refer to your personal choice. Although recommendation can sometimes be used as reference, it is yourself who’ll make a decision what you like or dislike.

Don’t feel obligated to read anything, library isn’t a classroom but more like a playground to your imagination and creative mind.

Happy reading and have fun…

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