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My fave books are mostly those that promote goodness in life and in people, they are usually children or juvenile fictions. I read books for pleasure, not for fashion or to keep up with any communities’ request. I certainly don’t limit myself on buying books or keeping them.

On some occasions, I offer my books for sale on a good bargain to allow extra space for the new arrivals. I still have some books available for sale and donation. For several reasons, I am not bartering my books. Please visit this page to check if any of these titles are of your interest.

I dress myself with something that I am comfortable with, sometimes experimental, but never extreme.

Writing is just my way to say something or to share my feelings as I am not much of a talker. I like to write freely without feeling obliged to satisfy certain conditions and I like to share when I am ready to do it.

Often, people who like reading also like to watch movies. Whatever I watched, I share them in here. Give it a visit when you have sometime and do leave your footprints to share with others. The blog hasn’t been updated for so long, but it doesn’t mean I stop watching movies though.

Used to study and lived in Auckland, I am now a banker and happily residing in hometown Jakarta.

Welcome to my blog.