Hotel Vendome (Danielle Steel)

Danielle Steel (2011)
Bantam Dell, 2012
Adult Fiction
Books & Beyond PP – Rp149,000

This is a story about a hotel runs by father daughter, Hugues and Heloise Martin. The building was abandoned hotel which then transformed into New York’s most luxurious boutique hotel under Hugues’ management. Politicians, movie stars, rock stars, and rich and famous love to stay there. Hugues has trainings from the best schools in Europe, and he loves working hard and is very passionate about hotels. His daughter Heloise grew up under the care of hotel maids. Guests and hotel staff are used to see Heloise being around the posh hotel following her father or helping the staff. Not long enough until Heloise decided that she wants to follow her father’s steps.

This may not be my first Danielle Steele novel, but surely this is the first in many years. I came to realize why I avoided buying and reading them for so long already. Based on this novel alone, I found the plot so light and predictable, and it is dragging me with long narration. Hugues character is charming, especially because he doesn’t talk much. Well, that’s easy to point: rich, handsome, calm… what’s not charming about it? But Heloise transformation from a sweet little girl, to an excited teenager, and then to a sulky and childish adult, is unrealistic.

However, the hotel knowledge is interesting to read. To know what’s going on inside great hotels, where to pursue the best education, what to look and expect from winning hotels and so on. This novel is not great, and I won’t be harsh by saying it’s bad either. I believe it has the potential, perhaps to be made a drama series, considering that the plot is easy to follow, the story is glittering with the riches and the famous, and the story spans on couple of decades which is long enough to be made series.

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