Singular Existence [Leslie Talbot]

Leslie Talbot (2007)
Citadel, January 2007
Gramedia Plangi – IDR110,300

Uhm, okay… Bad buy.

I couldn’t pass beyond chapter 5, because the book is boring. My mistake to think that this book is some sort of novel from a true experience.

This book is a self-help through and through, in which the author tries to justify her singular existence with loads of excuses and then attempts to convince others to think the same way.

While I appreciate the efforts, I am just not into her thoughts at all. The more I read it, the more I am sure it’s cynical and misleading, hence disconnection in every single page.

It may have the potential to be funny, witty and daring for those who share the same view.

Not to me.

PS: If anyone interested on this book, feel free to contact me, I’ll throw it for FREE.
But do prepare to pay the mailing/shipping fee. Thanks.


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