The Winner Stands Alone [Paulo Coelho]

Paulo Coelho (2008)
HarperCollins, 1st Intl Edition 2009
Paperplus Bazaar Bapindo – IDR60,000

Set during the Cannes Film Festival, the novel follows Igor, a succesful businessman from Russia, who commits several murders in order to get the attention of his ex-wife whose now married to a fashion couturier. With his power and money, Igor gets the access to exclusive events, parties, the company of many movie and fashion “Superclass” and starlets. Igor randomly chose his victims in order to destroy worlds for Ewa, worlds that belong to other people. Cannes during the festival is just the place for the glamorous, shining jewelries, a place to show the social status, celebrity lifestyle, the chance for fortune and moral battles. Cannes is the perfect place to meet the people who own the world, run the world and those who aspire to be the center of the world. Everyone is both attractive and despicable at the same time.

Mr Coelho is the just the master to go in-depths for any subjects he believed would be essentials to emphasize his story. It’s amazing to read his knowledge and thoughts about the world of glitz and glamour, the obession for fame and famous. Throughout the novel, I feel that those writings and thoughts are more interesting to read, and most times have shielded the main story, which unfortunately lacks of charms.


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