The Girl with Glass Feet / Gadis Dengan Kaki Dari Kaca [Ali Shaw]

Ali Shaw (2009)
Gramedia, Maret 2011
Inibuku – IDR49,300

Of course the unusual story is the strongest part of this novel. St Hauda’s Land is just the place for many weird things. Flying cattles, albino creatures, and shining jellyfish are among others. Midas Crook lives his rather boring life in St Hauda while dealing his childhood trauma. He becomes interested to help Ida MacLaird when he saw her glass feet. This gives Midas a mission that splashes a bit colour to his monochromatic live. Ida herself is a visitor. She moves to St Hauda in search for a person who she thinks would be able to help her mysterious transformation.

I personally see the novel as an metaphor of sickness and psychological problems. Midas and his trauma, Ida and her sickness and pursue for healing, doctor who gives hopes but not cure, love obsession and many more. People tend to be more open when they share, and in this story Ida and Midas share problem and the need for comfort, one physical and one mental. There was no exact solution for every problem there. As much fantasy in it, it cannot be more realistic than that.

However, I could not enjoy the story. I cannot decide what’s causing it the most; the monochromatic soul in Midas as the main protagonist hence the soul of the story, the weird creatures that I fail to visualize in my imagination, the love story that’s not exactly whisper loving, the location that is cold, dull and… dead, or the fantasy that fails to lift me off ground. Even the goat is in messy grey! Argh.


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