The Sum of Our Days [Isabel Allende]

Isabel Allende (2008)
Harper Perennial
Paperplus Bazaar Bapindo – IDR30,000

I can’t believe my eyes when I saw this book just laying inside a box with price significantly marked down. I would go for any books written by Allende and I couldn’t understand why no one didn’t seem to want this book. Anyway, it’s probably a treasure destined to be mine.

Written as a series of letter to Paula, her daughter who passed away in 1992, Allende let readers go up close and personal with her family lives and be part of them. It’s never easy to “involve” in other people’s lives and problems, but reading them from Allende’s perspectives and writing kinds of taking away the guilty feeling.

Narrated with warmth, humor, exceptional candor, and wisdom, this remarkable memoir is as exuberant and full of life as its creator. Allende bares her soul as she shares her thoughts on love, marriage, motherhood, spirituality and religion, infidelity, addiction, and memory—and recounts stories of the wildly eccentric, strong-minded, and eclectic tribe she gathers around her and lovingly embraces as a new kind of family.

Allende sees herself as the protector of her tribe. In many occasions she seemed go beyond her border to “fix” the problems of her children, grand children, friends, in-laws, even ex in-laws. I saw her as a fighter, an independent woman, under what she called a lifetime feminism. But reading some of the last pages, I know that at one point it will all go down. She’s a woman after all. I love how she finally admits her need to be the “damsel” without making herself sound weak. And I admire Willie, Allende’s husband, for his patience, understanding and love. The kind of love that has been tested and won many battles because no one gives up.

My fave sentence from the book,

“I was waiting in my corner, impatient because you didn’t come, and you were waiting for me to invite you to dance! Is this why we had all that therapy?” (p300)



2 thoughts on “The Sum of Our Days [Isabel Allende]

  1. astridfelicialim says:

    i miss reading your review rey! =) i never read allende before, can you believe it? hihihi…btw itu murah banget sih bukunya! kapan lagi ada bazar kayak gitu? kasi tau yaaaaa =)

    • thanks astrid! went to your 2 blogs the other day, can’t believe with your speedy writing and blogging hahaha… belum pernah baca allende? wow, you should try sometimes! nanti ta’ kabari kalo ada bazaar buku lagi di sekitar sudirman ya :D

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