Embroideries [Marjane Satrapi]

Marjane Satrapi
Softcover, 2005
Graphic Novel/Memoir
Aksara Pacific Place – IDR 158,000

What I like about “Embroideries” is the fact that it’s very outspoken and hilarious. It’s about something that most women have discussed with their girlfriends. Marjane wrote her own, gathering with all the women around her including grandmother, mom, aunts, neighbors and friends for what they called as an afternoon tea party and ‘a long session of ventilation of the heart’. It’s pretty much an open discussion about sex, love affairs and making fun of men.

The conversation starts with talking about someone else’s life secret, then progressed to their own secrets; how one of them never seen a penis although she has already 4 daughters, how to fake virginity or to get an embroidery done, about getting white magic so a boyfriend would be persuaded to get married, how good it is to be a mistress and many more.

The best story is definitely the miracles of plastic surgery. In order to keep her husband from having an affair with younger woman(en), an aunt decided to get her buttocks and breasts done. Now her buttocks are tighter, her breasts are fuller. What she did was basically removing some fat from her (big) ass and got them injected to her (small) breasts.  Voila! Now, she’s the most beautiful wife for her husband. Every time the idiot-husband of her kisses her breasts, you know he’s actually kissing her ass! Hahahaha…

Marjane is an Iranian but surely she shares the same stories with women everywhere regardless nationality. From housewives to artists to career women, every woman has their own similar stories about finding a man, keeping the man and keeping their appearances to keep the man :)

Realistically funny, definitely bold and bawdy, the book offers full laughter and full of surprises on every page turning. We’ll never know what topic and whose stories are coming next and be the central of the tea party joke.

I thought I would never get to have this book. Sometime last year I ordered the Bahasa version from an online bookseller and the book arrived in such horrible state I insisted on returning it. While killing time after working on audit reports two days back, I spotted this book on the top shelf of Aksara fictions. It stood side by side with “Persepolis 1&2” from the same author, which story I had also watched on DVD mid last year. Too bad “Persepolis 1” was only one copy left and it was slightly damaged. Maybe next time for the two ;) The Bahasa version called “Bordir” is available from Gramedia publisher, priced at idr 35,000.


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