The End of Mr. Y [Scarlett Thomas]

Scarlett Thomas (2006)
Paperback, 2008
Science Fiction
Kinokuniya Ngee Ann City – SGD 17.95

This is definitely one of the books that’s hard to read yet hard to put down. The book itself looks mysteriously inviting with bright cover and what look like black leaves of papers inside. It turned out that it was just the outerside that’s coloured black, the papers inside are still normal papers. I was almost excited having to read a novel from black papers hahaha…

With so much praises on the covers, it thought this book must be special. It is indeed, not that I like it’s specialty. First, I don’t like science fictions and this is one if them! Secondly, it explores thoughts, something that I believe is tedious and aggressive. I mean, thought would have no end. Why would anyone explore it? Reading this novel consumes so much of my energy (not that I comprehend the whole thing).

Ariel Manto is a post-grad student preparing her thesis on ‘experiments of the mind’. When she found “The End of Mr. Y” on a second-hand bookshop, she can’t believe her luck! She’s ready to give in all the money she has for the book. The book is exceedingly rare, and told cursed. It was written by Thomas E. Lumas who mysteriously disappeared after he wrote the book. With the book, now begin Ariel’s thrilling adventure of love, sex, death and time-travel.

Remember “Quantum Leap” or “Sliders” TV series? This is something like it, only more complicated and less entertaining. Half of the book is looking for the secret tincture that would make people able to explore mind, someone else’s mind to be exact. I am just going to spoil it for you.

Make the tincture in the following way:-

Combine one part Carbo Vegetabilis, that is, vegetable charcoal, in the 1,000th centesimal homoeopathic potency, with 99 parts holy water in a glass retort or flask and succuss the mixture ten times.

FD 1893

I just kept reading it although most of the time I almost puked from the spinning. I wasn’t able to digest the whole thing yet I wanted to know how all the mess would end up. To make the book even tougher to read, it is written in font with so many tails… Gosh!

Indeed, a special book for special people who understand what this book ia all about and who would think the story is as fascinating as the cover. For myself, the only enchantment is as far as those written on the covers. Beyond it, is a different world altogether in which I am too dumb to understand or I consciously refuse to understand.


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