Titipan Kilat Penyihir, Kiki’s Delivery Service [Eiko Kadono]

Eiko Kadono / Akiko Hayashi
Paperback, 2006
Novel Anak
Gramedia Matraman – IDR32,000

I’ve been looking for this book since ages ago! I can’t believe my luck when I finally own this. Two years ago, I borrowed a dvd from my usual online store. I liked the movie so much, it’s called “Kiki’s Delivery Service” made by the anime master, Hayao Miyazaki. A good friend of mine left a comment about this book, since then I never stop trying to find it (FYI: my movie blog was moved from it’s original location thus comments were no longer accessible from the new link).

The image of Kiki on the novel is somewhat different with the one on dvd. Kiki on novel has longer hair and wears even plainer black dress. She’s still that cheerful, helpful and funny little girl though. However, the novel gives more stories to feed our imagination. Life on the new town is not as easy as told on dvd, Kiki’s struggles and frustration are more complex on the book.

It’s a tradition for every witch, at the age of 13, they must spend a year on their own, in other city without other witches. Kiki decided to become a real witch despite her lack of witching skills. She left home using her mother’s old broomstick, accompanied by her talking cat, Jiji. Kokiri-san, Kiki’s mother, told her not to stay in a big city. But Koriko city is too beautiful to be passed just like that. Kiki falls in love with it’s clock tower and the blue sea next to it. With little money in hand and huge persistence, Kiki made living in Koriko as a courier.

As a witch, Kiki’s only skill is flying with her broomstick. That’s why opening a delivery service seems a good idea. People in the city weren’t that friendly to her earlier because a witch is not something they commonly see everyday. But soon Kiki grabs their hearts and orders. Of course not every delivery went smoothly, but Kiki always managed to add personal touch and her 101% efforts.

My favourite chapter is when Kiki received order from a grandma who lives at Guminoki street. Grandma asked Kiki to deliver a woolen stomach wrap to her son, the Captain of Tete Ship. Grandma believes that stomach is the center of the universe thus it must always be kept warm using colourful woolen wraps. If you think the new wrap is for the Captain, just like me, you are wrong. The wrap is for the ship’s chimney! Before, the ship made a sad sound tuah-eem, tuah-eem… After wearing woolen wrap, somehow it feels better and sounds better too. Tuut… tuut… Since then, I am kinda affected about the idea of covering my belly all the time hahaha…

The novel is definitely a fun read for everyone. Even my aunt enjoyed it and gave a big laugh while reading it. The novel has illustrations made by Akiko Hayashi to help readers’s imagination about Kiki’s town and stories. The original novel is called “Majo no Takkyūbin” published in 1985 by Fukuinkan Shoten of Japan. The English version came out in 2003.


4 thoughts on “Titipan Kilat Penyihir, Kiki’s Delivery Service [Eiko Kadono]

  1. wow…ada filmnya juga ya rey? aku beli buku ini gak sengaja, abis sampulnya lucu..hehe, ternyata ceritanya juga menghibur banget dan menyenangkan…jadi pengen ntn filmnya nih…thanks for the info!

    • kebalikannya aku dong yah :) filmnya bagus karena gambar dan warnanya keren banget. pak hayao mah jaminan mutu deh ;) nah, kalo buku lucu karna kisahnya ada banyak…

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