Which Witch? [Eva Ibbotson]

Penulis/Author: Eva Ibbotson (1979)
Penerbit/Publisher: Macmillan
Cetakan/Edition: 10th, 2001
Kategori/Category: Children Fiction
ISBN: 0-330-39800-8

Beli di/Purchased at: Kinokuniya PS
Harga/Price: Rp89,000

There’s only one conclusion for baby who never drops tears, who snaps at old ladies and who can cause a chimney to blow against the wind; it will grow up to be a great witch or wizard. Arriman the Awful was born George Cankers. His parents loved him enough to let him grow up as proper wizard. He is the greatest wizard with the blackest of magic, and he is a handsome one.

Arriman’s personality reminds me of Howl, a good looking black wizard, very persuasive, dominant yet vulnerable inside. Arriman likes to spend time with the ghost of Sir Montpelier, the owner of the castle who died 400 years ago and who had killed his 7 wives, only to get frustrated in the end because it makes no sound and Arriman’s magic isn’t strong enough to bring dead people to life.

Even a wizard longs for a peaceful ending. Arriman agreed to marry so he could have heir and meet the prophecy told by a Gypsy woman. “Which Witch?” is competition to find witch with the darkest power. Most of the them were black enough to cast powerful spell, but nothing like “The Symphony of the Death performed by a Cast of Thousands” from the glamorous enchantress Madame Olympia. She scored 9 out of 10! Arriman was horrified thinking of a cold-hearted witch like her as a wife. Can he get away?

This is the vital point only powerful writer can offer a twist that ruins readers’ speculations without mercy. I give Ms Ibbotson thumbs up for taking me on such an unexpected ride! Ghost and monster stories are never as fun as this. Very cheeky! Yes, there is a way out, and it takes almost everyone kindness, hard work and loyalty to make that happen. Even black magic needs some whiteness to it, or shall I say, even black magic can’t refuse white purposes.

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5 thoughts on “Which Witch? [Eva Ibbotson]

  1. madhu says:

    i luved the bk.arriman’s funny-not a bit scary.terrence-well i hope he’s gonna be good.i was so glad olympia’s not won!i think belladona’s the most powerful witch ‘coz you need her white magic .however while writing about the east the authouress made a mess!genies livein arab not calcutta.andI dont think shari can be a name young easterns dont always wear silk trousers but it’s not wrong to write it but a genie can’t be called chatterjee u know i mean the kind judge and princess. the ghoul was splendid.necromancy gave me ceeps.this was the first eva ibbotson i read and liked her style.rather like dahl,i must say

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