Asterix and the Vikings: The book of film [René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo]

Penulis/Author: René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo (2006)
Penerbit/Publisher: Orion Books
Cetakan/Edition: Hardback, Third, 2007
Kategori/Category: Comic, Book of Film
ISBN: 0-75288-590-1

Beli di/Purchased at: Periplus PS
Harga/Price: Rp100,000

For the first time, Asterix book is not presented as a comic. This book is a tie in to the new animation created in 2006 by the collaboration of M6 Studio, Mandarin SAS and 2d3D Animations, of course with the approval of Albert Uderzo. If you have read Asterix comic number 9, “Asterix and the Normans”, this film is created based on that, after 12 years of absence from the last Asterix animation.

Just like the comic, the book of film also starts with the emphasis on the coldness of a particular land. There live tough people who conquer the world and know nothing of fear, the Vikings. Their recent voyage was tragic because no one was found on the village they about to attack. The villagers had run for their lives before the Vikings arrived. To relieve the Chief’s sorrow, Cryptograf, the Viking’s soothsayer, told that they must seek for “the fear that lends wings”. They interpret the message with a journey to find “the champion of fear who can fly”. This is when they get involved with our brave friends, the Gauls, who lived peacefully in the village surrounded by four Roman camps. Well, sort of peaceful, because you know how they love to fight about fish!

If the comic books tell the story through dialogs inside particular drawings, the book of film is like a usual story book with two or three chosen images placed on the side of the lines or on the side page to illustrate the story. We don’t get to see each particular scene, that is why we need to watch the film too so we won’t miss anything.

Presented in hard covers and full colours pages, this book is a gem for those who collect Asterix comic. On the back, there are 16 additional pages “How this film was made” complete with preliminary drawings of the Viking Chief’s house blue prints, the Viking boat blue prints, pencil sketch of the Gauls Village for the final set and the character models as corrected or approved by Albert Uderzo.

Two important messages from the book (or film)

It is love, not fear, that lends you wings. Asterix to Obelix

Fear is a test of courage. True courage means overcoming your fear. Getafix to Asterix

So, do the Vikings have anything to fear at all? Surprisingly, they do. Remember our Gaulish musician Cacofonix? His voice has sent the Vikings off in a constant state of fear and trembling! Very barbaric.


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