The Little Prince [Antoine de Saint-Exupéry]

Penulis/Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1943)
Penerbit/Publisher: Gramedia
Cetakan/Edition: Third, August 2005
Kategori/Category: Fiction
ISBN: 979-22-0469-5

Beli di/Purchased at: BukaBuku.Com
Harga/Price: Rp18,700

It’s hard to explain my experience reading this book. It may be thin, but it takes the whole life to understand it and I am not referring to the time. Little Prince came from different planet called Asteroid B612 and he ran away from there when he realised that the rose he loved dearly was simply fooling him around with its words. The Prince travelled to 6 planets inhabited by adults who lived their lives foolishly before he finally reached the Earth.

Although it was written for the children, the story is rich with symbols and anyone could read it from many perspectives. Initially, the conversation between Little Prince and the snake was about general matters. The snake was a little persuasive. The second time they met again, suddenly there was a wall for Little Prince to sit on which separated him from the snake on the ground. This time, although the snake’s dialogs weren’t there, we could sense it was more aggressive to Little Prince.

As a kid, I would definitely enjoy the unusual journey and share Little Prince thoughts about the world. I always wonder why adults have lots of problems and they can no longer enjoy the simple joys like it used to be. Life is harder with so many things to think about! Like many other adults, I have to go with the life too. We have become the fool adults who Little Prince met on the other planets, who do and gain things that are considered important such as power, compliments, solving problems by creating new ones and we put so much importance to ourselves, hardly concern about others. I thank God for allowing children books to be invented!

Reading the story requires an open-mind to accept its peculiarity. Sometimes the messages are visible, but many times we have to read between the lines. The fox told Little Prince that it is only with his heart he can see rightly because the most important thing in life is invisible to his eyes. The fox made Little Prince realised about the true purpose of his journey, and the meaning and purpose of his life. Feel free to disagree with me, but this book is a better version of this one.

According to Wikipedia, the author might had taken the inspiration and imagination for this book from his own experience. Please click on the link to read more about this. To my surprise, there was a sequel for this written by a different person, it’s called “The Little Prince Returns” (1997). I wonder why it’s so hard to find this sequel information on the net.


3 thoughts on “The Little Prince [Antoine de Saint-Exupéry]

  1. hi Ally :) buku ini dalem banget yah. aku paling suka waktu jalan-jalan antar planet ketemu orang yang aneh-aneh hahaha… kadang sebal, lalu geli, trus malu sendiri hehehe… tersindir dengan cara yang tidak menyakitkan hati :)

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