Kisah-kisah Smurf: Smurfin, Laboratorium Smurf [Péyo]

Penulis/Author: Péyo (1986; 1987)
Penerbit/Publisher: Aya Media Pustaka
Cetakan/Edition: Agustus 1986; Maret 1986
Kategori/Category: Komik

Beli di/Purchased at: BukuBagus.Com
Harga/Price: Rp19,800 each

Initially, smurfs were introduced as cameo in Johan & Pirlouit adventure comic created by Peyo, a Belgian cartoonist. But in 1959, Peyo decided to give smurfs their own adventure inside the Spirou magazine. Smurf is about three-apples tall, have blue skin, and they wear white hat and trousers/stockings. Smurf is told to live deep in the forest. No one can find their village without a help from a smurf. How old is a smurf? Despite their cute looking and playful characters, smurfs are really old! Here is the official website of The Smurfs.

Spring time is the happiest season for the Smurfs. The happier the Smurfs, there is one person who becomes grumpier, a wizard called Gargamel. Gargamel simple mind believed that female is a source for madness. This is the story of “Smurfin” (also known as Smurfette), a female smurf complete with her girly characters. Gargamel wanted to use Smurfin to drive the Smurfs mad so they become reckless on guarding themselves.

Unfortunately, the Smurfs have better taste than the Gargamel-version of Smurfin. Instead of falling for Smurfin, the Smurfs detest Smurfin for being a moaner who asks too many questions and who exaggerates her feelings too much. Feeling sorry for the girl, Papa Smurf did a major revamping on her. The result? On a sudden bad weather complete with thunder and lighting above, Smurfin appears slowly with her new dazzling look that strikes all smurfs mad in love! She looks dramatically feminine, still talkative and pushy, and she still exaggerates things, but hey, (male) smurfs don’t care about that. Every smurf has been blinded by love. They try to please her, to gain her sole attention and for once Gargamel intention was successful.

Spring time is related with smurfs’ happiness, and since then it is also associated with smurfs’ season of love for Smurfin. Smurfin herself comes and goes to smurf stories inconstantly, so I am not sure where she actually lives.

In “Laboratorium Smurf”, a smurf was trying to imitate Papa Smurf with his laboratorial practices but ends up transforming himself into a yucky greenish reptile-looking smurf. He had stolen the formula from Gargamel’s magic book after several unsuccessful attempts of stealing from Papa Smurf. It was a bad experiment and other smurfs didn’t want to play with him anymore. The poor smurf ran away from the village and got captured by Gargamel. Papa Smurf has to come for a rescue, as usual. When smurfs behave naughty and silly, Papa Smurf would be the only one who could think straight and solve the problem. Thank goodness, there’s one smurf who could think straight like him! (What can they do without him?)

There are many smurf stories that have been published, unfortunately now we have to look for them in second-hand bookshop to be able to own one. I was lucky to still hold one or two titles, and just last week I bought another two from a second hand bookshop (which I don’t recommend). I wish Aya Media Pustaka would re-publish all smurfs books. It will be a great treasure for the current generation and a fresh air within the manga-dominated comic world. One Smurf comic usually contains more than one story, so even in one book, we can have many adventures.

One special thing about smurf that I almost forget to mention is: their language! Smurf is not only their names, but also their verbs and nouns. Smurfs like to play with their words and great translators we have in Indonesia helped us to overcome the language barriers. The reason why I smurf this to you because I believe smurfs are really gorgeous and I hope you smurf them like I do. Are you ready to meet blue Smurfs and show some smurf to them? Well, I certainly smurf ;)


14 thoughts on “Kisah-kisah Smurf: Smurfin, Laboratorium Smurf [Péyo]

  1. Huah…jadi ingat jaman SD. Di perpustakaan daerah tuh banyak banget tentang Smurf. Sayangnya librariannya agak pelit. Jadi susah banget mau ngubek sana sini

  2. ih..kangen deh…aku masih nyimpen gak ya komik” ini? dulu sih komplit banget…jadi terinspirasi buat nyari, hehehe….termasuk juga johan n pirlouit, steven sterk, tintin (yang ini masih banyak sih di gramedia tapi mahaaalll) dan nina! =) thanks 4 bring back the memories rey…

  3. smurf… karakter favoritku… dulu waktu pertama baca smurf, aku beneran percaya smurf itu ada, malah ngebayangin pengen ke gunung tempat tinggal smurf.. nyesel banget, buku2 smurf-ku aku kasih ke sodara2.

  4. kobo says:

    aku juga dulu gak punya smurf, minjem doang, hehehehehe

    tapi aku suka smurf, trus selain komik, kan ada versi picture book gitu juga, glek glek….

  5. ukechin says:

    permisi, salam kenal, saya uke,
    blog nya bagus sekali!

    boleh saya link?

    makasih sebelumnya ya Rey…

    (17/10) boleh uke, terima kasih sudah mampir :) salam kenal juga…

  6. heni says:

    smurf benar-benar komik yang sangat menarik. tapi tahu nggak sebenarnya penerbit aslinya komik ini siapa sih ????

    thx b-4

  7. Dina says:

    Aduh ternyata banyak yang smurf dengan smurf ini ya… Semoga smurf yang lainnya juga cepat di smurf kan, sudah nggak smurf nih…

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