Golden Windows and Other Stories of Jerusalem [Adele Geras]

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Penulis/Author: Adele Geras (1995)
Ilustrator/Illustrated by: Jael Jordan (1995)
Penerbit/Publisher: Heinemann
Cetakan/Edition: Hardback, 1995
Kategori/Category: Children Fiction
ISBN: 0-434-96812-9

It’s not hard to find books for children but it’s hard to find good ones that don’t get affected by commercialism. In saying that I am referring to books that purely present beautiful stories and illustrations, that take the readers to places on their imagination, that demonstrate joy and sincerity on friendship, and most importantly stories that can be read over and over again without reducing the excitement.

“Golden Windows and Other Stories of Jerusalem” is one of those treasures that stand beyond the time. There are 5 stories inside and each has taken different time settings between 1910 and 1954, from Jerusalem before the siege, during the war and after it.

My favourite one obviously is “Golden Windows 1910”. It was about a girl named Pnina, the second youngest of seven. She was a wanderer-type of a kid thus was given the task to fetch the bread from the bakery everyday. Pnina was attracted to the golden windows at the alleyways when she wandered looking for a birthday present for her youngest sister. A set of wooden dolls displayed at the golden windows seemed to be a perfect gift for her sister who was turning four. Pnina liked the dolls so much and wanted to keep the dolls for herself, but she didn’t have enough money to buy something else. She loved the dolls but loved her sister more. A surprise is waiting for her from the Alozoroff sisters who owned the shop. They grew fond of Pnina, and her kindness deserves a gift too.

The other four are similarly enjoyable. Ms Geras wrote details in vivid descriptions, I could feel myself walked along the hilly streets looking at grand fences at Jerusalem suburbs. And food, my oh my, children stories are not complete without cakes, lemonade, sardines, boiled eggs, sweets, tea party… anything that sounds delicious! Those things are ordinary in real life but it gives different impact when presented inside children stories. Slurp.

PS: The book is the winner of 1994 National Jewish Book Award for Children Literature, awarded by the Jewish Book Council in New York. Visit here to see other interesting children books written by Ms Geras.


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