The Kite Runner [Khaled Hosseini]

Penulis/Author: Khaled Hosseini (2003)
Penerbit/Publisher: Riverhead
Cetakan/Edition: 19th, 2004
Kategori/Category: Fiction

ISBN: 1-59448-000-1

You may have read the story way before I write this post, if you haven’t, it’s never too late to read a good novel. One of the greatest I have read. The flow went perfectly it drew interest since the first word. Every words are simple enough to be understood, yet powerful enough to stir emotions within, may it be sympathy, dismay, connection or guilt. Once in our lives, we have done something cowardly, big or small, at the cost of our beloved, and since then we never stop wishing to be able to turn back the time and fix what we did.

Hassan is the son of Ali and both of them are servants at Amir’s house. Amir’s father treats Ali like his own brother because they grew up together, the same with Hassan and Amir who shared the same feeding nurse. Hassan is a physically strong person compared to Amir’s soft nature. Sometimes, Amir thought his father cares and prefers Hassan more than him, and this feeling slowly built up jealousy on Amir. He occasionally treated Hassan in bad manner and made fun of his illiteracy, while Hassan treated Amir as his master, his brother and his friend depending on the situation.

Hassan never failed Amir, not a single time. Winter 1975 was the crucial moment that changed Amir and Hassan’s friendship. Not because Hassan changed his loving and humble conducts towards Amir, but because there are things called guilt and shame in Amir that made him a confused person.

Guilt and shame followed by lies and more shameful action, and the further it went the more restless Amir became. He was lonely and longed for his father attention, he took Hassan for granted and failed to defend him when Hassan needed him. The biggest mistake Amir made was betraying the people who’d do anything for him.

Mr Hosseini brought us a point of view to see and feel Afghanistan from its own people. He shows his love for his homeland through the expressive narration, the vivid descriptions of peaceful and frightening images, but more importantly, the affection that underlines all that.

The guilt that haunts Amir for his betrayal was so powerful, it sets a reminder for us to spread goodness while we can because not everyone gets the second chance, and it may take a lifetime to deal with regrets. There are mistakes that can be prevented, there are mistakes that should be endured in order to understand it. Into the chaos in his homeland Afghanistan, Amir gets out from his comfort zone to pursue the path “to make good” again. Eventually, he has to deal with his guilty feelings alone to make peace with himself.

PS: A good news for movie-goers awaits in November 2007. Great books always attract movie-makers and looks like “The Kite Runner” movie has completed its production and up for showing very soon :)


6 thoughts on “The Kite Runner [Khaled Hosseini]

  1. wow..this is one of my faves ever..the story is so compelling, the character is so human..everybody could do what Amir has done..=) aku lagi nabung pengen beli yg a thousand splendid suns nih rey…looks like another perfect book from mr.hosseini…

  2. Rey dapat yang english versionnya yah..

    Kata kata “Untukmu yang keseribukalinya” dalam versi bahasa inggrisnya gimana?

    Ally sampai nangis bacanya.

  3. >Ally
    iya, dikasih temen waktu ke colorado :)
    versi inggrisnya “For you, a thousand times over”
    versi gaulnya “Apa siy yang gak buat elo” huhehehe…

    lemme know how it is yah, bacaan aku masih numpuk jadi agak nge-rem buat beli-beli (huehehe.. bo’ong juga, udah 2 hari ini kasak kusuk order online cari komik) btw kalo punya lucky luke mo dijual, boleh dong kabar-kabari *wink*

  4. Besok pagi (7 Sept) saya akan up load resensi kawan saya, Sylvia Bakarbessy, dalam komunitas rumahbaca tentang Kite Runner ini. Kayaknya seru juga ya bisa punya banyak referensi. Salam iqro!

  5. I love Hosseini! Can’t believe he had the time to write such a beautiful book when he was doing his internship. Btw, the film was held back a little bit due to the concern regarding one of the child actors but, the his new book, “A Thousand Splendid Suns” has been making lots of buzz …

  6. hi marsela :) yeah, i was planning to get that book few weeks ago when i saw it at kinokuniya ps. but looking at my reading list -books waiting to be read-, i have to be realistic thus holding myself from excessive buying. i have asked my friend in auckland to keep an eye for the movie when it’s out, to send me one copy. stardust has been released there, but not here :( hey, do you provide english books as well?

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