Match Made in Heaven [Bob Mitchell]

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Penulis/Author: Bob Mitchell (2006)
Penerbit/Publisher: Ufuk
Cetakan/Edition: Pertama, November 2006
Kategori/Category: Fiksi
ISBN: 979-333-00-9-0

God has billion of ways to teach us about the importance of life, ever think of challenging Him on a golf match? Elliott Goodman, a Harvard professor, is on his dying moment. He suffers from a heart attack and is hurriedly taken to the operation room. In and out his consciousness, he feels miserable, frightened and in pain. Elliot cannot think of any reasons why he must be saved, but he isn’t ready to depart for good. Kindly, God offers Elliot the chance to succeed his operation if he can win the 18 holes against His chosen people.

Although he doesn’t understand why, Elliott goes further to face the people from the great history of humankind; from Moses to Socrates, from Joan of Arc to Marilyn Monroe. Some of them are not great golfers, even Marilyn seems very ignorant. But God will not put them on death vs. life match if they are less than extraordinary.

The game is just a way of God helping Elliott to win the second chance, to motivate him to win his life back. His opponents are the people he always admires during his life, they are his inspirations. Meeting them on a golf match invigorates his purpose to celebrate his life and uphold the fundamental values such as courage, peace, humility, humanity, integrity and the most important one: to have a heart, something he fights to keep on the operation table.

The analogy of golf and life is brilliant, a very original and unique idea to encourage readers to celebrate the meaning of life through the popular 18 holes game. However, the excessive technical terms and situations used throughout the novel actually dissuade me to enjoy my reading. The back note is not much of a help either because I needed to focus on (understanding) the terms and leave the actual story pointless. First chapter was hard and the next were harder. I skipped many pages and decided to read backwards (i.e. reading from last to first). Not exactly a favourite but certainly a test for patience.


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