Stardust, Serbuk Bintang [Neil Gaiman]

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Penulis/Author: Neil Gaiman (1999)
Penerbit/Publisher: Gramedia
Cetakan/Edition: Pertama, Januari 2007
Kategori/Category: Novel Dewasa
ISBN: 979-22-2688-5

Most girls are probably an addict of pretty things in the world, and I happen to be one of them. Believe me or not, the cover of this novel is one of prettiest I’ve ever seen with glitters and a fairy, I fell in love with it on the first sight! Fairy is for babies? Not this time. This novel clearly states “This is a fairy tale for adults”; a perfect combination right? I strongly believe I deserve one, hahaha…

I read the book way back in early May after I bought it from TGA Senayan City. Who could resist such a pretty thing? Instantly, I was absorbed into Tristan’s quest of finding the fallen star. The boy made an impetuous vow to bring the fallen star to Victoria Forester, the prettiest girl in the village, in exchange for a kiss and her hand in marriage.

Crossing the border into the jungle behind the great wall, Tristan sets off to seek the location of the fallen star. Tristan looks different with her sister, and one won’t be mistaken to say that he is a half fairy.  Long time back, on one of the nine-yearly Weekend Festival, his father got what his “Heart’s Desire”. On the fairyland, Tristan befriends with a hairy midget called “Terpukau” (translates as “Astonished”?) who helps him on his early days in the foreign land. The mission is not at all a trouble-free journey, for many parties want the fallen star for their own benefits. There’s the Witch Queen who wants the Star for rejuvenation, and there are the Stormhold Lords that seek for their sovereignty stone (which actually was the cause for the Star to fall down).

Fairy tale is always full of bizarre creatures, but “Stardust” is also an ordinary love story with jealousy and romance, even a dominant mother-in-law! Love, adventure and a magic, you could find a little H.C. Andersen, Grimm Brothers and even C.S Lewis here. Open the glittery cover, and be prepared to find many surprises. The softy paper, a fitting layout and a brilliant Indonesian translation make this book worth to spend the money and own it. Trust me.

PS: Check out Gaiman’s other books on his website and anticipate “Stardust the Movie” soon!


8 thoughts on “Stardust, Serbuk Bintang [Neil Gaiman]

  1. I love this author, and fantasay novels are definitely my thing, so I’m going to have to give the book a try. (I can hear my bookshelves groaning at the thought of holding another volume…)

    BTW, may I extend an invitation to you to visit my blog at ? It offers two weekly book reviews. One book is usually targeted towards writers, but the other is a book I’m currently reading, or a book I’ve loved from the past. Since we seem to share a passion for the printed word, you might enjoy it…

  2. kobo says:

    yiha! tumben nih, rajin banget meng-update! Top! hore….

    sering-sering yah rey.

    Bener tuh Rey, buku ini bener-bener seperti membawa kita ke negeri para peri yang misterius tapi fantastis dan berkerlap kerlip, seperti covernya itu.

  3. indres says:

    Yang paling lucu waktu si bintang jatuh ngelemparin si Tristan pakai lumpur :-D. Kalau suka yang ini, coba baca anansi boys deh, lucu juga.

  4. > Debra
    Thanks for stopping by Debra :) I have visited your blog several times and found two books that I really like (the witch stories and quiltmaker). I couldn’t find them here though :( Oh btw, I put your blog address on my “knots” page, do tell me if you disagree with this please

    > Kobo
    Kebetulan lagi ada waktu Kobo… Bukunya sih udah pada dibaca dari kapan-kapan

    > Indres
    Si bintang itu emang judes banget ya waktu baru ketemu. Perempuan bgt gitu wataknya, hahaha… Terjemahan Indo baru ada “Neverwhere” sama “Coraline”. Tapi aku jadi semangat nih pengen cari “Anansi Boy” :) Thanks info-nya

  5. rey…kangen deh baca reviewmu…dan kebetulan aku baru baca stardust juga, jadi klop deh…suka banget deh sama buku ini..terjemahannya juga enak dibaca, dan nama” tempat & karakternya juga pas banget…jadi pengen nonton filmnya yaaa…

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