Learning by Heart [Elizabeth McGregor]


Penulis/Author: Elizabeth McGregor (2006)
Penerbit/Publisher: Bantam
Cetakan/Edition: Paperback 2006
Kategori/Category: Fiction
ISBN: 978-0-553-81604-4

No need reasons to fall in love and no reasons can justify anything when one stops loving the other half.

Zeph’s life is turned upside down when she found out Nick’s affair with an actress who he works with. Their picture on the newspaper is just one proof about their caught-in-the-act affair. The only person Zeph rushed for support is Cora, her mother. But a leather-bound diary once belonged to a famous poet tells another story about Cora’s long-ago secret story, a story that would change the way Zeph sees her own life.

Cora and Richard’s marriage looked so perfect in Zeph’s eyes, she would never thought her mother was in love with another man who loved her back until the end took him away. She cannot comprehend why her parents decided to stay together after the affair, and how her father could deny the pain he might have felt.

No matter how fluent one is on relationships, love is still a complicated matter. Zeph has to deal with her broken heart from inside. “Learning by heart” is a novel about love that went through obstacles. An everlasting love and an everlasting marriage sometimes appear in one package, but sometimes they don’t. Love grows, love dies. No need reasons and no reasons can justify the who and the why.

The back and forth from past to present made me confused all the time and on some occasions it ruins the almost-formed chemistry between me and the story. Only several names are used in the story hence it should be easier to follow, but perhaps the theme itself that I didn’t get along with.

PS: For Enoch, thanks for the Xmas Gift ;) You must have chosen this book for me because of the colour and design of the cover hahaha… Good guy!


One thought on “Learning by Heart [Elizabeth McGregor]

  1. nice set of explanation regarding the novel learning by heart. I finished the book just yesterday. And It took me a hard time coping up with the past and the present just like you^_^. It’s very confusing. The book was really great.

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