Narnia #6: The Silver Chair, Narnia #7: The Last Battle [C. S. Lewis]

Penulis/Author: C. S. Lewis (1953)
Penerbit/Publisher: Harper Collins
Cetakan/Edition: 9, 2002
Kategori/Category: Children Fiction

ISBN: 0-00-711558-X

If the land is not enough, the 6th adventure of Narnia goes underland to the deepest side of mother earth where the Green Witch enslaves the underground creatures to build her empire, where she holds Prince Rilian under her spell. Prince Rilian is the son of Caspian X whom we met from the previous book.

Eustace and Jill were called from the outside world to do 4 tasks in the name of Aslan with the sad and pessimistic Marsh-wiggle, Puddleglum, to accompany them. It’s proven that Puddleglum’s pure heart and honestly is the only aid when the other three humans are enchanted with the magical spell. Moral of the story:

  1. It’s so easy to fall for the beatiful lies than accepting the painful truth. What looks good doesn’t always bring goodness.

  2. It’s also easy to give up on loyalty when we’re under trials, so be prepared and be strong on what we believe!

  3. It’s bad enough to forget tasks and to ignore signs, but don’t give up on will! For will and persistence can break any spell.

I don’t really enjoy the adventure on this one as the journey becomes tedious in one or more points. Or maybe because I just don’t like the idea of a snake inside a story (who knows…).

Penulis/Author: C. S. Lewis (1956)
Penerbit/Publisher: Harper Collins
Cetakan/Edition: 9, 2002
Kategori/Category: Children Fiction
ISBN: 0-00-711554-7

“The Last Battle” reunites all the friends of Aslan, including the High Kings and Queens into the real Narnia following a dramatic battle and incident. Unfortunately, one of the early Queen (remember Susan?) is no longer a friend of Narnia thus only 7 of them left from the beginning until the end.

The last adventure is definitely the saddest adventure. This is the ending of Narnia after a short and tiring battle. Not only King Tirian has to face enemies from Calormen, he also has to face Narnia traitors. Once again, once for all, Eustace and Jill are called to the rescue.

The doom of Narnia was started when Shift, an ape, used Saddle, a donkey, to pose like Aslan and deceived the Narnians. Using Aslan’s name, Shift spreads lies and fears that destroy their hopes. Most of them have been dumbfounded by the fears and they are easily slandered against each other, some have taken the opposite side and become traitors, while some good and loyal friends are killed in an unbalanced battle.

My Narnia collection comes in a gift box thus I read them on their sequential order rather than based on their publication years. It makes the flow easier to follow though. It is obvious that Mr Lewis  has a strong religious background which affects his writings. I respect that, but choose to keep it separate when in it comes to read Narnia. Not everyone is interested on cracking the parallelness between Narnia and the Bible, like I who simply want to enjoy its fantasy. Logic can never work with faith and novel isn’t a Bible.

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4 thoughts on “Narnia #6: The Silver Chair, Narnia #7: The Last Battle [C. S. Lewis]

  1. Please, don’t sweat on arguing to prove how Christian is Narnia. I believe it’s very dangerous to insist the resemblance and it can be misleading for those who doesn’t know what’s inside the Bible at all. Although it may be good for those who understand, there are far too many people who simply swallow whatever is fed to them (just like the chaos from “The Da Vinci Code”?). After reading or watching “Forrest Gump” would you believe it was Gump who taught Elvis Presley how to dance? I guess not. The ideas are there and they can come from anywhere, it’s up to you how you want to perceive it. What you think eventually becomes what you believe.

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