44 Scotland Street [Alexander McCall Smith]


Penulis/Author: Alexander McCall Smith (2005)
Penerbit/Publisher: Polygon
Cetakan/Edition: Hardback, 2005
Kategori/Category: Fiction
ISBN: 1-904598-16-1

I bought the book back in January 2006 and never really had the chance to read it until recently, following the urgency to empty my bookcase. Alexander McCall Smith is the author of the famous Bostwana Ladies’ Datective Agency and a few other well-sold series, some of which I have on my bookshelves although none has been completely read :).

What’s special about this novel? Apart from the glossy red jacket and smartly designed cover, this novel has been published as a daily novel in Edinburgh newspaper: The Scotsman. Sort of a mini series, I suppose, because the characters are consistent although they’re not necessarily appear in each chapter, and there’s no particular stories inside that demand closures.

Fourty-four Scotland Street is a (fictional) building flats situated on Edinburgh New Town area. The story is about the people who live in the building, namely Bruce, a metrosexual surveyor who enjoys looking at his reflection in the mirror; his new flatmate Pat, a 21 year old girl on her second gap year learning to be more independent; Domenica, an intellectual lady with caramel colour Mercedes who lives the opposite to Bertie’s family; and Bertie, a talented 5 year old boy who plays saxophone and speaks Italian, thanks to the pressure from his control freak mother, Irene. Other than that, there are people from their social contacts and some public figures.

As a daily novel, it would come up as interesting because it has the advantage of keeping the readers away from the next chapter thus teasing their curiosity. Another thing is, since it is about day-to-day activities and characters that represent the Edinburgh’s New Town society, the newspaper readers may find this amusing due to the familiarity. As a complete book, however, I found the story to be lacks of direction and connection.

The strength of the novel is actually on its characters and the way Mr McCall Smith represents them so that the readers could, more or less, have a solid imagination how these people look like in reality. The way Mr. McCall Smith depicts  the hypocrisy in some of the characters is also natural and definitely fun to read. Brilliant exposure without being judgemental! My favourites are Todd with his snobbish denial and political crap, and the boy Bertie with his personality complex. Pat, Domenica & Angus’ evening adventure inside the tunnel is also entertaining, it actually reminds me of the Famous Five mission :). These made it even over the other parts of the story that went rather flat. The novel continues with “Espresso Tales” and “Love Over Scotland”.


6 thoughts on “44 Scotland Street [Alexander McCall Smith]

  1. Rey, baru ngeliat lagi nih di websitenya Alexander McCall Smith, ternyata novel yang ini dia bikin serial novel baru lagi yah.
    Ck ck ck… oom satu ini produktif sekali yah, udah berapa novel tuh, seri Detektif Wanita itu aja dah ada 6 judul, terus yang Sunday Philosophy Club ada 3 judul, terus ada satu buku 3 in one seri von Igelfeld, sekarang ini lagi nih, seri yang 44 Scotland Street, ada 3 judul… glek.. glek.. bisa bangkrut juga ngoleksi nya yah, hehehe

    BTW, tadinya ini buku aku dah hampir beli lo, tapi mengingat berat banget bawanya, gak jadi,wekekekeke

    Tapi baca reviewnya Rey disini, hehehe, jadi ngiler deh… ntar shopping buku berikutnya, mau ahhh (“,)

    hoe he he he

  2. > kobo
    kayaknya emang Mr McCall Smith doyan bikin series ya. aku sampe sekarang belum mau baca yang “Ladies Detective” soalnya belum lengkap :) sayangnya waktu aku beli “44 Scotland St” aku ga tau itu juga series *huh* skrg gemes deh pengen beli lanjutannya!

    > sherlock
    pokoknya ganti mood ganti skin ;) biar ga bosen getoh

  3. belum ndres itu di “Espresso Tales”. disini bertie baru ketemuan sama josh. belum sempet mereka jadi “blood brother”, si irene dah keburu dateng histeris liat bertie bawa2 pisau mo nyayat jarinya *grin*

  4. aku baca buku ini sekitar akhir tahun 2005. Gak begitu suka. My favorite tetap si detektif Mma Ramotswe. Tapi.. hmm… kalo ada lanjutannya… boleh lah diikutin lagi :) Btw, kalo seri seri von Igelfeld gimana ya? belom pernah baca nih. Ada comment or input?

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