Jane Eyre [Charlotte Bronte]

Penulis/Author: Charlotte Bronte (1847)

Penerbit/Publisher: Penguin

Cetakan/Edition: Paperback 2002, Summer Edition

Kategori/Category: Classics

ISBN: 0-140-439-307

What a wonderful read! I bought the book back in the late 2004 from QB Playan (Rp75,000) and had kept it on my bookshelves ever since. Believe it or not, I completed reading the book from the net leaving the physical book as merely a silent companion in my handbag. I am glad, however, to have experience such a great reading.

One of the world's classics love story, Jane Eyre is an orphan girl who got through a bitter childhood while living with her aunt and her three cousins. They hate her and never fail to bully, humiliate and abuse her. Her aunt sent the poor Jane to a charity school with its tough regulations, where she has to learn to be humble all the time. Yet the good-natured and strong-willed Jane passes her 8-years at Lowood Charity School with a better outcome than if she had stayed back with her so-called family. From the school, Jane finds work as a governess at Thornfield Hall. Everyone is kind and warm at Thornfield and for the first time she feels attached closely with a place called "home".

The master of the house, Mr Rochester, is a robust, stubborn and intelligent man. Despite his rude attitude and harsh wordings, it is obvious that he finds a match for his intelligence on Jane Eyre's calmness. Every evening he sends for her to accompany him on the living room, conversing of what sounds like arguments but is actually a deep conversation of one's soul to another. Jane is challenged on each conversation to be assertive and tactful on answering her master's questions and opinions. True love grows from there and their hearts ache without the other's presence. But there's an evil mystery that clouds Thornfiled, a secret that is hidden in the attic of the house which haunted the place and its master.

As thick as 501 pages with small prints, the story doesn't feel that long when I read it through the net. The physical book divides the story into 3 volumes, while the online literature simply put it as chapter 1 to chapter 38.

Every chapter is fresh and contains surprises. What I thought would be a plain chapter, a plain day, has successfully made me grew gooseflesh, shed a tear and drew smiles. From a bitter childhood to a hard time at school, from joyful companions to mysterious incidents, from a sweetdream to a nightmare, from sorrow to hope to tragedy and happiness. It is a long journey that Jane Eyre has to endure and readers won't be disappointed while 'walking with her'. I particularly enjoyed the darkness and sadness of chapter 9, the passions and intelligence in chapter 14 and the mystery presented in chapter 15.

This book deserves its merit as a classic story. The story is so beautifully written, full of descriptive words as if the readers could touch them first-hand. I personally would recommend the book to everyone. To own one copy would be a treasure, but you could as well access the story from an e-book here. I do both ;-).


16 thoughts on “Jane Eyre [Charlotte Bronte]

  1. Jane Eyre is one of my all time favourites. I feel glad to know that there exists an electronic version of it. This book has an old world kind of cherm. But what is noteworthy is the heroine’s ability to survive in a greater sense of the term. This book acts as a mental solance in the time of torment. It also proves perhaps that the human nature never changes over the time.
    Another thing I must say, you are maintaining a wonderful blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello Suman, thanks for stopping by. My friend recommended me this book long time back and it was my lost that I took it so lightly. While I praise the way the book is written, the heroine herself is indeed inspirational. I shared her lost when her best friend passed away and I agreed with her firmness to avoid talking nonsense just to satisfy Mr Rochester male-ego. Thanks for the compliment, I see you are starting one specific for books review yourself. Keep in touch :-)

  3. Hi Rey… hihihi, ikutan nimbrung.
    I’ve read this book in college. Hell, do I have to speak english here? Okay, good book, but kinda boring to me. Maybe cos I read it as an obligation. The thing I remember is, Mr. Rochester seems handsome, hihihi…

  4. Gpp, kok Antie, you can use any language you want. I think you should re-read the book, honestly. Bisa jadi karena terpaksa makanya terasa boring, aku sama sekali ga bosen loh. Mengalir aja gitu, kagum banget sm ceritanya. Mr Rochester handsome? Hahaha… salah orang :p Itu Mr Mason kali… Mr Rochester mah tua bangka, jelek, agak bulet tapi kaya dan agak flamboyan hehehe…

  5. Nah itu dia Rey! Bronte yang nulis “Wuthering Heights”. Baru ingat deh sekarang. Aku sih baru baca versi ringkasnya. Filmnya juga ada kan.

  6. Firman Firdaus says:

    helo rey, awesome blog. Me myself start to use WordPress (WP) but having difficulties in tuning up the template. is there any tools in WP to edit our template, just like we met in Blogger? Thanks for your kind attention. salam kenal ya…[Firman Firdaus]

  7. >perca
    waks ada film-nya? gak ngeh juga nih… kapan2 bisa dicari tuh. kemaren udah pegang2 sih novel WH di bookstore trus bimbang pilih itu apa asterix, trus bimbang beli apa enggak. trus ga jadi krn harus buru2 ngejar bus biar ga telat ke gereja hahaha… belum jodoh :p

    thanks bro, feel free to stop by anytime :) i’ve answered your question on your blog, sekalian kunjungan balik main2 ke tempatmu gituh hehehe… salam kenal juga ff.

  8. >rey
    oooo iya ya, hehehe, gawat2, aku sarjana sastra yang parah.
    oke lah, ntar akan kucoba baca lagi. kayaknya lucu juga. emang bener, baca buku yang ditugasin tuh maleeeeeeeesssss banget. seringnya aku ga jadi baca, trus baca summary-nya aja. aduh, nakal banget ya.

  9. Ikutan nimbrung juga yaa. Ada filmnyaa, g wpernah nonton di Jak TV waktu itu. Pas liat settingnya, jadi inget film The Sound of Music. Mirip2, pi romantismenya lebih menyentuh (apa siy).

  10. hai rey,
    wah jane eyre ini salah satu novel bahasa Inggris unabridged yang pertama aku baca. tadinya iseng-iseng baca terjemahan my mom, lalu penasaran pengen menerjemahkan sendiri, walau terbata-bata dan “aneh” (kan bahasanya sulit), butuh bertahun-tahun baru selesai. sekarang bukunya sudah kuning dan belah-belah jilidannya (versi Penguin). Aku barusan beli lagi yang versi penerbit India, murah sih hehehe…

    Bronte sisters katanya tidak pernah menikah dan mati muda ya? mereka juga hidup di daerah sepi sunyi seperti Jane juga.

    Mr Rochester aku kebayangnya seperti Onassis yang kaya raya itu loh. jelek kan dia :D tapi kaya. Jane Eyre kubayangkan begitu plain, imut, pucat dan kurus (sekurus Audrey Hepburn), dan kalo menurut bukunya mestinya tidak cantik. St John Rivers (aku jatuh cinta banget sama tokoh kolot ini) kubayangkan macam… siapa ya? Ken Olandt tapi lebih pucat lagi? Omong-omong, Georgie Henley yang maen jadi Lucy di Narnia maen di versi TV Jane Eyre sebagai Jane waktu kecil lo :)

  11. hi Mina :) novel inggris aku yg paling pertama bgt tuh Jude Deveraux, aduuuuh roman pisan (tp nikmat & bikin ketagihan).

    iya yah, klo beli terbitan India murah meriah padahal kualitasnya gak jelek loh!

    klo aku ga salah baca si Charlotte (apa Emily yah??) pernah menikah tp ga lama lalu meninggal.

    aku ngebayangin Mr Rochester malah spt Hanibal Lecte dan si Jane Eyre spt Zaenab-nya si Doel itu loh hahahaha… ancur kan?! :P

  12. kaciannya my beloved Hannibal Lecter aka Anthony Hopkins (cowok paling jenius, elegan dan karismatik) disama2in sama Mr Rochester yang jelek hehehe….

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