Iqbal [Francesco D’Adamo]

Penulis/Author: Francesco D'Adamo (2001)

Penerjemah/Translator: Ann Leonori (2003)

Penerbit/Publisher: Aladdin

Cetakan/Edition: Paperback, 2005

Kategori/Category: Children fiction

ISBN: 1416903291

On Easter Sunday 1995 Iqbal was shot dead on his bicycle. He was just 13 years old. Some powerful people in Pakistan have reasons to see the boy as a threat for their business and incomes. Iqbal, like million other children in Pakistan were sold by their fathers to work at the carpet factories or the brick-makers. The reason was usually to pay their never-ending loans. And it was Iqbal who was very brave to speak-out to the world about the ill-treatments they've got as child labours, thus many children like him could be freed from the bonded slavery.

Iqbal worked for Hussain Khan's carpet factory. He was one of Master Hussain's best worker because he could make difficult patterns and his works were tidy. Unlike other children on the factory, Iqbal wasn't afraid of the master. He darely ruined one of the best carpets he made just before a foreigner buyer arrived making his master extremely angry and screamed in despair. Twice Iqbal had tried to escape from the factory. With the help from the people of Bonded Labor Liberated Front of Pakistan, on the second attempt Iqbal got his freedom and he helped other children to leave the place.

Iqbal had inspired many others to follow his bravery. Thousand of other children were freed from their masters and their debts. For his efforts and contribution to support his country, Iqbal was offered a scholarship by Reebok to continue study. He had wanted to go to university and become a lawyer. But the more Iqbal was known internationally, the more he made powerful people in the industries to feel anxious with his actions.

Children labour is common in developing countries, not only in Pakistan. Iqbal Masih’s story is just one that gets the International attention. While the factory owners getting richer, behind them millions of workers including child labours suffer from malnutrition and ill-treatments. They are abused and chained into their looms so they cannot escape, and they work from dawn until dusk without given proper foods in order to earn the petty to pay their family loans.

The book is written using the narration from Fatima, Iqbal's closest friend whom he met from Hussain Khan's factory. I am not sure whether she is a real person or a fictional character made for this novel. Although the book was written based on the life of the late Iqbal Masih, I think the details and other characters are purely fiction. It is clearly written with simplistic language, making the story flows nicely and easy to be understood by the young readers. Click here to read the excerpt.

The book had won some awards, please browse the internet to read more about Iqbal Masih. I came across quite a few interesting articles while googling around.


12 thoughts on “Iqbal [Francesco D’Adamo]

  1. Rey…. duh, pindahan ternyata, hehehehe
    Very nice look this blog have now ^.^

    Shout box nya memang diilangin yah?
    Weleh, reading list nya buanyakkk juga yah, hehehe (sama nih, aku juga baru bongkar2an kemaren, huikkk, ternyata memang lebih 30 buku blon dibaca, duh…. dosa… dosa…) Cuma, yang namanya disiplin gak beli lagi sebelum tuh “dosa-dosa” bekurang paling gak separoh….. selalu tak mampu menahan godaan tiap kali singgah di toko buku, hehehehe (lok kog malah curhat yah?? hehehe)

  2. hahaha, thanks Bo. iya nih Bo aku lebih napsu beli buku daripada bacanya sekarang. laper mata banget, kaya ngga rela kalo lewat toko buku nggak beli apa-apa :) shoutboxnya lagi istirahat (padahal emang blm tau aja gimana caranya buat naro disini, hhihihi). tp gini juga gpp sih, biar curhatnya makin panjang hahahahaha… ;-)

  3. tapi oke kog nih message nya word press Rey, gak perlu pakai jadi member segala (kayak multiply dan beberapa host lain, nyebelin…), jadi no tag board juga kayaknya oke-oke aja kog.
    His Dark Material nya belum selesai-selesai juga aku baca, banyak kata-kata yang gak biasa gitu, dan gak ada pula di kamus ku, hehehehe

  4. > Captain
    Thanks :)

    Aduh aku jg bete nih baca 2 buku udah berbulan-bulan ga selesai, ga nyambung gitu… Tp kalo mo dilewatin jg ga tega hehe. Payah nih!

    Haha kemaren aku mampir tempatmu, sama2 pake regulus. Gpp, beda warna kok :p

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