Eleven Hours [Paullina Simons]

Penulis/Author: Paullina Simons (1998)
Penerbit/Publisher: Harper Collins
Cetakan/Edition: Sunday Star-Times/Whitcoulls Best Summer Reads
Kategori/Category: Adult fiction
ISBN: 0-00-776285-2

God knows how long I’ve been trying to finish the book and hadn’t got the energy to do so. Just to add the excitement a bit, I actually got this book for free in exchange for a coupon in the local newspaper. I felt lucky enough until I found another coupon and received my second copy, hehehe… ;-)

Didi was at the NorthPark shopping mall spending time before the lunch-date with Rich, her husband. Nine months pregnant and there’s nothing to stop her from visiting and buying baby clothing, undergarments from Victoria Secrets, some make up bargain from Estee Lauder, a discounted purse from Coach and many more. She carried those bags along while carrying her big and heavy belly. She felt uncomfortable when a man in a jacket asked her about her pregnancy when she stopped by at the pretzel counter. There’s something wrong with a man wearing jacket in the middle of a hot summertime.

Lyle Luft kidnapped Didi on her way back to her car. He forced her to follow him to his car and he didn’t let her to leave the shopping bags on the Carpark. Eleven hours she had to put up with his weirdness. Sometime he’s nice and intimate to Didi, at another time he wouldn’t mind hitting her face and left her bleeding, starving and thirsty all the way.

The kidnapping was handled by FBI that chose to broadcast the missing woman through all media. Rich was furious thinking that the kidnapper may feel cornered by the frequent announcement thus decided to kill his wife. But Scott, the FBI officer in charge, assured him that the kidnapper wouldn’t feel more desperate than kidnapping a nine-month pregnant woman from the mall. There’s a significant difference between the goal of the FBI and the goal of the husband. FBI saw it as an abduction case where they try to catch the bastard who did it, while Rich, as husband, couldn’t care less about catching the kidnapper as long as his wife and baby are safe.

The motive of the kidnaper wasn’t revealed until the end of the story, making readers have to go through (almost) the whole book before able to make a (lucky) guess. I know FBI isn’t a perfect organisation, but their work was depicted awfully on handling this case and the author decided to give more role to Rich the husband, to provide some logical and humane approach towards the rescue mission based on the four letter words spelled as l-o-v-e.


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