Narnia #5: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader [C. S. Lewis]

Penulis/Author: C. S. Lewis (1952)
Penerbit/Publisher: Harper Collins
Cetakan/Edition: 9, 2001
Kategori/Category: Children Fiction
ISBN: 0-00-711560-1

They were looking at the picture of a dragon ship behind the door when all of a sudden the sea began to wave and they were swimming in a big ocean, until they reached the ropes thrown out to them and climbed into the dragon ship. Once again, Edmund and Lucy met Caspian, who was now the King of Narnia, who was on a journey to search for seven friends of his late father.

While Edmund and Lucy were glad to meet their old friends and joined them on the voyage, not surprisingly, Eustace, their odious cousin who they went to spend their summer holiday with, who was also taken into the picture, despised everything on the boat. He experienced quite a few quarels with Reepicheep, the Chief Mouse. Eustace insisted to be returned to England at once and never gave up asking for a British Council everytime they went ashore.

The main purpose of the journey was to find the seven Lords (i.e. Lord Revilian, Lord Bern, Lord Argoz, Lord Mavramorn, Lord Octesian, Lord Restimar and Lord Rhoop) who were long time back sent by Fake King Miraz to explore the seven seas and never returned. On his coronation four years ago, Caspian promised that he will seek for them and avenge their death if necessary. The boat and its shipmates went through:

  1. The Lone Islands, where Caspian found Lord Bern and overthrown the useless Governor

  2. The Dragon Island, where Eustace got his lessons of life

  3. The bewitched Island of Goldwater, also named as Deathwater

  4. The Island of Voices that was full of Dufflepuds

  5. The Dark Island, where they found the broken Lord Octesian

  6. Ramadu’s Land, where three of the Lords slept until their beards grew so long

  7. The journey ended at the Very End of the World, where Caspian waved goodbye to Edmund, Lucy, Eustace and Reepicheep with a heavy heart. Reepicheep went further east to reach what said to be Aslan’s Island while the rest went southward as that was their fate.

Aslan told Edmund and Lucy that this would be their last time to visit Narnia because they are becoming too old. They could still be able to meet Aslan on their own world, only that Aslan would be called other names in there.

What a long voyage! Well, I would love to come on board too if possible, just to see how would I survive (less the stormy weather that gave me nausea even just reading it). It took me ages to read the book, partly because I didn’t want to miss athing, another part is because I am reading two other books at the same time. Never before I read a book until it became so wrinkled like this one, just in one reading. It must be either a good reading, a boring one or I became too careless. You decide.


One thought on “Narnia #5: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader [C. S. Lewis]

  1. I just realised that as much as Indonesian children read Enid Blyton stories, kids in England, New Zealand and its related counties are familiar with Narnia stories even for those who don’t seem to look like a book-lover. No wonder Narnia movie was so much anticipated and now is loved.

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