Monday’s Child [Louise Bagshawe]


Penulis/Author: Louise Bagshawe (2004)
Penerbit/Publisher: Headline
Cetakan/Edition: 1
Kategori/Category: General Fiction
ISBN: 0-7553-0864-4

Monday’s child is fair of face. Opposite to the rhyme, Anna Brown is considered huge, tall and ugly by her boss, colleagues and her model flatmates. It is worse because she believes they are correct and she doesn’t have self-confidence. She was even dumped by her skinny, bad-breath boyfriend over a blond-haired girl.

Anna works as a script reader for a film production company. She works her best at the service of Kitty, a cruel and demanding boss who wouldn’t allow her to be anything but a waiting dog that will fecth anything she demands. As the company was taken over by big producer from America, Kitty demands Anna to find a really good script worth producing so that nobody will get fired. In exchange, she promised a promotion to Anna. Anna found the script of “Mother of the Bride” for Kitty and she even nailed Mark Swan, the highly respected director on the market to get involved on the production. To her disappoitnment, Kitty claimed the efforts to be totally hers. There was no promotion took place but indeed Kitty recommended a raise on Anna’s paycheck.

Anna was introduced to Charles Dawson by Vannessa, her best friend. She knows Charles isn’t on her league at all. Besides, after consistent stories about boyfriends, she decided that there’s no way any men would fancy a girl like her: thirty two, poor, tall, fat with a huge nose. But Charles is persistent. He believes Anna is the one although she is way taller than him. He found Anna to be different with other girls who after him for his money and mansion. While Janet, one of Anna’s flatmates is trully happy for her; Lily, her other flatmate, is being cynical and green with envy. Lily is so furious “How come a person as ugly as Anna can get a millionaire?!”

There’s nothing sparkling about the story. A definite chick flick, no surprises, I can’t even get the picture of Anna on my head! That’s the worse feeling I could get when reading a book, that I cannot connect myself with the characters. At one time she is portrayed as clumsy, unable to defend herself from nasty comments and attitudes from her colleagues and flatmates. She took all the shits thrown at her face by doing nothing. At another time, she is portrayed as outgoing, intelligent, ambitious and surprisingly can give “smart comments” to Mark Swans. I don’t have emphathy for the character at all. The author might be trying to send a message “Hey, any girl deserves good things not only the pretty ones” but I just don’t feel the story. The author seems to be pretty knowleagable about the upper class lifestyle though. Compared to “Tuesday’s Child” that I read before, sorry to say, but this one is invisible (so much for the attractive cover).


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