Narnia #4: Prince Caspian [C. S. Lewis]

Penulis/Author: C. S. Lewis (1951)
Penerbit/Publisher: Harper Collins
Cetakan/Edition: 9, 2002
Kategori/Category: Children Fiction
ISBN: 0-00-711556-3

My long and weird hours of working actually contributes a side benefit i.e. spare time for me to get in touch with my books again! This is my second overnight stand by and I have successfully finished my fourth Narnia ;)

The Four siblings were taken by magic to another land while they were at the train station, ready to be departed to their schools. Still wearing their uniforms, they landed in the woods on a strange place. Beyond the forest they found an old and ruined castle once belonged to the High Kings and Queens of Narnia. This was Narnia year 2303. Although for Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy it’s just a year from the day they found Narnia through an old wardrobe, Narnia itself had grown much older of hundreds more years.

King Caspian IX was killed by his own brother, who was now after the Prince. Lord Miraz, the illegitimate king, changed the whole Narnia into a place with rules and taxes while the talking animals, dwarfs, giants and centaurs were driven out of the public place, out of the free land. The mission for the Four siblings were to help the rightful Prince to get his crown back, and be the King of Narnia and restore the place. Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy were drawn by magic to Narnia because Prince Caspian blew the “emergency” horn that once belonged to Susan, the horn given by Father Christmas (read book #1).

Narnia is far more “modern” and “human” at this stage of book. Magic is still in the air with a more realistic touch and background (as in Europe between year 1400 to 1700). It made me feel like reading a history book being written with a touch of Enid Blyton. It’s fun and I love it!


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