Narnia #3: The Horse and His Boy [C. S. Lewis]


Penulis/Author: C. S. Lewis (1954)
Penerbit/Publisher: Harpers Collins
Cetakan/Edition: 9, 2002
Kategori/Category: Children Fiction
ISBN: 0-00-711559-8

It’s been so long since my last post two months ago. There were few things happened at the same time that prevented me to go anywhere near my books or bookstores :) Hopefully, things will get better soon. Thanks to all friends who had shown their concerns about my missing blog :p at least I know that some people do try to look for it. I apologise for taking out the blog without making any notice beforehand. It’s now fully up and running again.

This is the 3rd book of The Chronicles of Narnia. Compared with the first two however, this book is totally different and to honest, it’s horrible. It took me ages just to complete the story and in between I skipped many pages.

Shasta escapes from the land of Calormen with a Narnian warhorse, Bree. Along with Aravis and her horse Hwin, they uncover a Calormene plot to conquer Narnia and must find a way to save Narnia and its people (refer to

This all happened when Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy were the High Kings and Queens of Narnia. According to the above website, this is approximately in year 1014 (book #2 was Narnia year 1000).

I just don’t get the feeling of the book. It’s a combination of a Arabian 1001 nights-story-wannabe, magic world of Narnia and an uninteresting adventure story. If you plan to buy Narnia books one at a time, you can skip this one and come back when you have enough time and money to be spent. I will try to re-read it when I have time, see if I could change my mind.


5 thoughts on “Narnia #3: The Horse and His Boy [C. S. Lewis]

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  2. somebubble says:

    i didn’t like this book at all. it was sooooo boring! i read it ages ago but i remember yawning soooo much. it was sooooooo dull.

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